Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Surreal Life

I don't watch the Grammys. I don't know who MIA is and I don't care. I've already read plenty of criticism of her pregnancy costume. And I have no intention of reading anything more about her, even this article in the NY Times.

But I do have a well-attuned antenna for the absurd and I think you just have to appreciate the breathtaking strangeness of our world when you see a story teaser like this one (from the Times online front page):

There's just something deliciously bizarre about a rapper named MIA, wearing a polka dot pregnancy panel, being accused of promoting a violent guerrilla faction in a tiny Asian nation. There is something very surreal about globalization, no?


kungfuramone said...

Wait...wait. You are definitely in the know with the music and the kids and the jello pudding pops. How could you not know about MIA?! She was like hot-music-thing number one back in...2005? Ish?

As far as I remember, the Tamil Tigers stuff is because of her own self-promoting crypto-tamil-tiger-supporter nonsense from the same time.

I did not, however, see pics of the pregger outfit yet. She has become the avatar of the god polkadottadumba, deity of stupid clothes.

Anonymous said...

Fosco does not listen to hip hop but Oz is working on that...

FOSCO said...

Yes, as Oz notes, Fosco's ignorance of most hip-hop is still alive and well (despite Fosco's knowledge of the kids...)

Some things just slip through the cracks.

todd said...

You're in luck [1]! Harmonix just announced that they will be adding Snoop Dogg tracks to Rock Band.

[1] Luck may vary. Use as directed. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. If you experience luck lasting longer than three hours consult your doctor immediately.