Friday, February 13, 2009

"Wonder Years" Sex Scandal

From British tabloid The Sun, we have this creepy story:

Boy dad Alfie Patten yesterday admitted he does not know how much nappies cost — but said: “I think it’s a lot.”

Baby-faced Alfie, who is 13 but looks more like eight, became a father four days ago when his girlfriend Chantelle Steadman gave birth to 7lb 3oz Maisie Roxanne.

He told how he and Chantelle, 15, decided against an abortion after discovering she was pregnant.
Alfie, who looks like nothing so much as a very young Fred Savage, is four feet tall. Four feet tall.

Here is the picture of this nontraditional family:

I don't know about you, but for me there is absolutely no way to look at this picture and interpret it accurately: all I can see is a young woman with her two children. It's completely impossible for me to see those two crazy kids as a romantic couple.

In related news, the Octomom has offered to adopt all three of them.

[In less-related news, E! Online is actually running a poll as to who is the hotter MILF: Octomom or Angelina Jolie. Aside from the sheer stupidity of the question (Angelina Jolie is indisputably one of the hottest humans on earth), isn't it also in poor taste? I mean, for goodness sake, the Octomom is mentally ill! Should we really be calling her a MILF? Ugh.]

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m said...

I read about that this morning and had to look at pictures of kittens for a quarter of an hour until the urge to vomit went down.

He looks like my nephew who is 11.

Oh god, there are no more words.