Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jonathan Turley Says Smart Things

With a couple of exceptions, Fosco doesn't care much for lawyers. But he is having an intellectual love affair with Professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University School of Law. This guy is one of the smarter talking heads that Fosco has ever seen on television. Here he is on last night's Countdown, talking about Bush's war crimes:

You know why I like him? Because he says stuff like this:
We need to be honest. There is great love for President Obama and I have great respect for him. But you cannot say that you believe that no one is above the law and block the investigation of the war crimes by your predecessor. It is a position without principle; it is because you believe it's politically inconvenient. And by simply saying that you will do a special commission--it's like you have special justice. But at the end of the day, no one believes that people will be prosecuted for a known war crime. And what do we do when we do that? When we do that, then we will become accessories. Those crimes by President Bush will become our crimes; his shame will become our collective shame. That's what happens when you protect someone accused of war crimes from even an investigation.
He says lots of other good stuff in the clip above--this is just the highlight. I think he's exactly right: we cannot let Bush/Cheney go uninvestigated. Sorry, Obama: "looking forward" just isn't an option here.

Hey, I just learned that Jonathan Turley has a blog! Bonus!

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