Friday, January 09, 2009

Be My Friend, Anne Hathaway?

Fosco isn't generally that interested in celebrities, unless they are impossibly attractive or do something incomparably stupid. Oh, and he does occasionally enjoy a good episode of "Hey Paula." But he rarely gets the feeling that he would like to hang out with or be friends with any celebrity. And yet, Fosco has been getting this huge friend crush lately for Miss Anne Hathaway. Like so much so that he's starting to think that it might be fun to get stuck next to her on a plane sometime (an idea he got from this story).

Here--I'm just going to say it... I think Anne Hathaway is really cool.

Why is Anne Hathaway so cool? Some reasons:

  • She was like a teen role model (in the effortlessly enchanting Princess Diaries movies) who then graduated to showing her ample bosom and serious acting skills in the Brokeback. Not that many actresses have successfully made that transition (case in point). I think it would be fun to go dress shopping with her and joke about her boobs.
  • She's had some bad luck with men, but she's very funny about it. Her previous boyfriend seems to have dropped the Pope's name to defraud investors (which seems like a bad idea if you are at all concerned about the ultimate destination of your immortal soul). But Anne is very funny about the whole thing, responding to Ellen's recent attempt to fix her up:
    "At this point I would just like him to be law abiding."
    That's comedy gold, Anne.
  • She's really smart. And I don't just mean "Hollywood smart" or "actor smart"--you can aspire to either of those categories just by wearing glasses. No, Anne went to a reputable Seven Sisters college (although not the best one) and also NYU. She was an English and Women's Studies major (two of Fosco's faves). And recently, she used the phrase "process metaphysics" during an award acceptance speech. I don't want to get my hopes up too much, but I'm starting to suspect that Anne and I could have a meaningful conversation about literature.
  • She's politically engaged, especially when it comes to gay rights. On a red carpet, she recently called out Obama about the Rick Warren thing. And in an interview to promote her upcoming Bridezilla movie, Anne identified her best wedding memory as her brother's same-sex wedding. (In the same interview, she also names one of Fosco's favorite songs, "Maps" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, as a must-play song for her own wedding.)
  • Oh, and the best part about her political engagement? She puts her money where her mouth is. As Fosco documented earlier, Anne donated $10,000 to fight Prop 8 (which is a lot of money, really).
Now Anne, I'm sure you get this kind of thing all the time, especially from well-read gay bloggers (who are rarer than one might think...), but... well... do want to get a veggie burger at Shake Shack and talk about The Great Bolaño the next time Fosco is in NYC? Fosco will buy.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I totally have it for Anne as well.

Although upon learning about her politics from Fosc Olives, I think I'd have to keep her mouth full all the time...

The BeeMaster

Word verification: faress
It's kind of like blowing a kiss, but instead you motion petting someone.

FOSCO said...

Filthy. Absolutely filthy.

Unless you meant her mouth should be full of delicious Fosc olives.

I liked that movie about Faress Bueller.

Anonymous said...

Anassa kata, kalo kale Ia ia ia Nike Bryn Mawr, Bryn Mawr, Bryn Mawr!

FOSCO said...

@JennyT: Meka leka hi meka hini ho.

m said...

I like her too (even though we're roughly the same age and I feel incredibly unaccomplished when I think about her).

Anonymous said...

I love the advertising when the Fosc Olives are dressed scantily in thong underwear and high heels.

Much like BeeMaster would like to see one Anne Hathaway, I suspect.

the Queen Beeness (rhymes with penis~)

FOSCO said...

@Mere: Puh-leeze. One should never compare oneself to any celebrity. It doesn't count--they aren't actually human!

@Queen Beenees: Wait, when did you see a Fosc olive in a thong?

Anonymous said...

I used to like her... but she's pasty (not pastry, because you know Oz likes a good donut)... plus it's odd to have an old man liking the same people as you... (no not you)... ftw...

Anonymous said...

@FOSCO: Need I say... Meka leka hi meka CHANI ho.

And, for the uninitiated, no, that's not pronounced Cheney. From what The Daily Show taught me, I'm thinking a Cheney mecca would be something like a man-sized safe.