Monday, January 05, 2009

Hello Shirt! Goodbye Shirt!

Since Fosco began dating Oz (who was born and raised in the Sandwich Islands), he's become more interested in all things Hawaiian. For example, did you know that "Aloha" can mean both "Hello" and "Goodbye"? Such linguistic efficiency! And did you know that Hawaii is almost entirely populated by an elusive race of people known as the Menehune? It's true. In fact, because of the Menehune's legendary shiftiness, the US Census Bureau refuses to estimate Hawaii's population at all.

One Hawaiian tradition that Fosco has yet to embrace is the Aloha shirt. However, Fosco is rethinking his aversion to such sartorial silliness after reading this piece on SF Gate's "Hawaii Insider" blog. Apparently, one of the true giants of the Aloha shirt died recently:

Alfred Shaheen, who in 1948 opened Hawaii's first factory for designing and printing the tropical-themed fabrics, and quickly became the giant of a new industry.
The "Hawaii Insider" goes on to note that the Aloha shirt has had a remarkable cultural influence:
this is the garment that created "Aloha Fridays," and the very concept of "business casual."
This seems like a noteworthy achievement (although Fosco, who has only limited experience in "business" still cannot understand why every day can't be Casual Friday).

As Fosco considered writing this post, he came across a collection of amazing Aloha shirts at The Hana Shirt Co. The photo above is one of theirs, as is this absolutely gorgeous shirt:

You can order this shirt here, but you need to wear size "Vintage Medium" and be willing to part with $125.

You know what would rock? An Aloha shirt with a Wayne Thiebaud pattern:

Fosco would wear this every freakin' day! What would you want on an Aloha shirt?

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Anonymous said...

...and Oz thought you liked the one he wore last Friday?! Anywho,Oz thinks that you would grow quite fond of a number of patterns if you really want a Thiebaud design...