Sunday, January 04, 2009

Self-Indulgent Pet Story

Fosco already did his Christmas loot post, but he left an important question unanswered: what did Fosco and Oz's kitty Isis get for Kitty Christmas?

Which raises a second important question: when did Fosco become so dippy as to use the phrase "Kitty Christmas"? Readers: promise me that if Fosco ever posts a Christmas story about cats (especially if there is a disabled boy involved), you will stage an online intervention. Sigh.

Well, anyway... Isis got a new rubber brush, which she mostly doesn't like. (She prefers her hair to be tangled and skanky. Not unlike a certain British soul singer?)

She got a new IKEA Bästis toy to replace Condoleeza Mice. This is a fish named Tina Tuna. Even though Tina is filled with catnip (just like Condoleeza), Isis seems mostly uninterested. Which is kinda disappointing, because I wanted to see Isis go all Ike Tuna on that thing.

Isis's big gift, however, wasn't even intended for her. You may remember Oz's new Poäng chair from IKEA. Well, it turns out that Isis has claimed it for herself.

Oz has tried to keep her off the chair by covering it with his jacket (seriously?) and then by placing a plastic bag (Isis's nemesis) on the seat. You can see how that worked:

Isis only deigns to open one eye to survey Fosco's camera idiocy...

Seriously, Isis loves this chair so much she doesn't even sleep on the bed anymore. Once or twice a night, she hops from the chair to the bed to get some quick petting from Fosco and then heads back to the chair--like getting petted is a job or something that she has to commute to... We're thinking of trading her in for an Ultimate Wall-E.

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