Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pictures of 2008: Roy's Hawaiian Fusion

Fosco recently realized that, by only blogging for three months last year, he never got to share tons of pictures with you from the rest of the year. So, for the next week or so, Fosco will offer a series of brief posts with some of his favorite pictures from his adventures in 2008. Check out the whole series here.

This fall, Fosco and Oz went for a romantic dinner to remind Oz of his homeland of the Sandwich Islands. There is an outpost in San Francisco of Roy's, the original Hawaiian fusion restaurant.

Roy's serves some thrilling seafood and it was a wonderful evening. We even saw a past winner of Project Runway at the bar! Sadly, neither Fosco nor Oz brought a camera to dinner that night. However, Fosco has found online some gorgeous pix of his favorite menu items. Like the Ahi Poketini:

The Misoyaki Butterfish lives up to its name: soft and buttery (is there anything bad that is named after butter?).

And dessert is Roy's famous molten chocolate souffle:

Don't you wish Fosco's pictures of food looked this good?


m said...

"Is there anything bad that is named after butter?"

Butter milk outside of pancakes and doughnuts.

FOSCO said...

Well done, Mere. I agree.

Also, buttervomit.