Thursday, January 08, 2009

Pictures of 2008: Remembering Vietnam

Fosco recently realized that, by only blogging for three months last year, he never got to share tons of pictures with you from the rest of the year. So, for the next week or so, Fosco will offer a series of brief posts with some of his favorite pictures from his adventures in 2008. Check out the whole series here.

While Fosco and Oz were in DC for Derek and Maria's wedding, they also got a chance to do some very quick sightseeing. Oz had never been to DC, so the National Mall was a must. Here are pix of two of the Vietnam memorials. Lots of tourists took smiling photos in front of this one, which hardly seems appropriate:

And here is the famous Maya Lin design, looking even more stately and somber after more than twenty-five years:

Oz took both of these pictures and you can tell--he's much better with a camera than is Fosco (for one thing, he doesn't have a tremor).

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