Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Michael Cera prepared to RUIN EVERYTHING

In recent weeks, we've been watching as the "Arrested Development" movie comes closer to reality. Last we heard, the holdup was the (unfortunately) indispensable portrayer of George Michael Bluth, Michael Cera. Well, today the news gets worse.

According to a report at Defamer, Cera recently

explained that he wouldn't sign on because there's no script yet. Of course, as creator Mitch Hurwitz has explained, there won't be a script until Hurwitz knows for sure which cast members are coming back. What a hilarious, Arrested-worthy Möbius strip of stalled misunderstandings. We are never getting this movie.
Right. It only makes sense to want to see a script first. Because clearly Michael Cera needs to know more about the character he will be playing. I mean, without a script, Michael Cera might end up signing on to a movie in which his character has to kiss his cousin or something.

Please, Michael Cera: the economy is crumbling, BSG is ending, and I have a cold. FOSCO NEEDS THIS MOVIE.


todd said...

Maybe at least we'll get more Veronica.

(Word Verification: Kativers. The universe of Kati.)

m said...

Well, that tears it. George Michael is a douchebag.

FOSCO said...

You know what will teach him? I'm not going to see his next movie.

Oh wait. I haven't seen a Michael Cera movie since "Superbad."

Anonymous said...

good lord... i don't think we need a VM movie after the disappointment of season deuce...