Monday, January 19, 2009

King Day: Your National Day of Service

Today is a national holiday and the entire UC system is off for the day. Yesterday morning, over pancakes, Fosco mentioned to Oz that it was a shame that Oz still had to work on Monday (Oz works for a hipster corporation that may or may not be named Mmm Carpets, but alas, he still has to work on MLK Day). This is how the conversation went:

FOSCO: It's too bad you have to work tomorrow.
OZ: Why?
FOSCO: Because it's King Day.
OZ: [puzzled] Did you make that up?

Oz is right. When you call it "King Day," it does sound kinda fake.

And since we're having a little mild MLK Day-related fun, allow Fosco to recall one of his favorite bits from the television series "Strangers with Candy." In this scene, history teacher Mr. Noblet (played by a younger Stephen Colbert) is showing an excerpt of Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech to his high school class:

MR. NOBLET: King's dream was of an America without racism of any kind. The tragedy of course is that all this footage is in black and white. Imagine how powerful it would have been in color. Any questions?
STUDENT: What happened to Martin Luther King?
NOBLET: [pause] I'm not sure.

The clip isn't on YouTube, but you can watch the full episode here. That scene is in the first two minutes.

But seriously, President Obama has called for today as a National Day of Service to celebrate King's vision. Fosco will be serving (more on that later) and he encourages you to do the same.

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Anonymous said...

Oz sheepishly admits that he thought Fosco was making a reference to him as a "king" but soon after figured out that Fosco was referring to MLK day.

Yes, Oz wishes he was thought of as a king--minus the big head and crown like shown here...