Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Inaugural Thoughts

  • If you didn't watch, check out Gawker's Top Ten Inaugural Moments (with video!). I like it when they call Rick Warren a "doughy hate-walrus."
  • Both Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd were taken ill at the Inaugural lunch. Both are reportedly fine. I blame the pheasant.
  • If I were Michelle, I would be thinking: "You mean now I have to spend all night in a ball gown?" I'm exhausted already and I'm only watching the whole thing. It's a grueling day.
  • Chris Matthews: "I gave Val Kilmer a ride back to his hotel last night."
  • I'm glad we have a president who flashes the "shaka," instead of the "shocker." From the NYTimes liveblog:

  • Reviews of the speech are still mixed, mainly because I think expectations were for something more rhetorical. However, as commentators read the text more closely, a kind of admiration is taking over. This might be exactly the speech Obama needed to make, even if it's not quite the one we wanted to hear. Read the text.
  • Fosco has completely come around on Michelle's dress. It was perfect and gorgeous. Check out some more of Isabel Toledo's work here.

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