Monday, January 19, 2009

Shaken Like A Polaroid Picture

Fosco has lived in California almost three years and he finally felt his second earthquake tonight (you may remember his first). This one was tiny by comparison, an itty-bitty 3.8 on the Chareth Richter Scale.

In fact, the only reason Fosco felt it at all was that he was lying in bed trying to go to sleep early (at 10 pm!) so that he will be well-rested for all-day Inauguration history-in-the-making tomorrow (which inexplicably does not run on Pacific time...). As Fosco lay in the dark sleeplessly, he felt the bed give a tiny hop. Like a small bunny, really. A quick visit to the USGS site confirmed.

Fosco also did his geological duty, joining fifteen other Santa Cruz residents in reporting their impressions to create the "Shake Map":

You can see that, for Fosco and his cohort, the whole thing was basically a light blue kind of experience. Dare I even say "Carolina"?

And now Fosco returns to bed. Assuming Northern California remains intact seismically, he will see you all tomorrow morning for some Obama.

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m said...

I didn't even feel it (or the subsequent aftershocks). Now I feel deprived of terror somehow