Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bring Me The Jonas Brothers!

Fosco doesn't much like kids. As far as he's concerned, kids are just adults who don't know how to carry on a decent conversation. So he's a little surprised to discover that he thinks the Obama girls are adorable.

Now part of it is clearly their Inaugural outfits, which Fosco thinks are absolute perfection. He's just never seen kids look that cute. But even beyond that, there is something kinda appealing about little Malia and Sasha. Not that Fosco would probably ever want to talk to them (or, God forbid, babysit them).

However, Fosco does find himself thinking that these girls should be spoiled in every possible way during their stay in the White House--regardless of the cost to the American taxpayers. Basically, I think the White House needs to be turned into the Neverland Ranch, but without handsy "Uncle Michael."

Luckily, this process has already begun. According to this piece in People:

While their parents were making their rounds at 10 inaugural balls, the girls entertained new pals from the Sidwell Friends school – and had a surprise visit from the Jonas Brothers.

In a scavenger hunt designed to help Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, get familiar with the White House, hiding at the end in the East Room was certainly an all-American treat: Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas!


The Jonas Brothers, who came with their parents, were snuck in through the East Portico and played three acoustic songs and posed for photos with each of the young guests at the party.
The story goes on to note that the Jonas Brothers will be the first residents of the new White House "Tween Habitat," designed to provide living quarters and display space for over thirty celebrities and entertainers of Malia and Sasha's choice. During their time in captivity, the Jonas Brothers will be fed and cared for by a specially-trained staff. Portions of the "Tween Habitat" are designed to simulate the situations that the Jonas Brothers would normally experience "in the wild," including theme areas called "Disney Store Autograph Session," "Backstage at the Kids' Choice Awards," and "Fingerbang with Taylor Swift." While the Jonases will be allowed to spend their free time as they choose, they will be required to perform twice a day (once on Sundays) for the duration of President Obama's term.

Future residents of the Tween Habitat will likely include Demi Lovato, Zac Efron, and Senator Joe Lieberman (dressed as Yasmin from Bratz).


kungfuramone said...

This post is pure comic gold. That is all.

todd said...

Joe Lieberman dressed as a Bratz doll==everything is ruined forever

Anonymous said...

Dude - just nights before the JoBros performed for the Obama girls, they performed for me and mine!!!

I didn't get them their own room in the house, but I did try to suggest a sitcom where Joe Jonas come lives with me as my live-in au pair and wacky hijinxs ensue, involving little jokes with lots of winking and some cougar-ing on my part.

It was a no go, unfortunately.

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I was going to make a tasteless joke about Corky from Life Goes On and pronouciation but I decided not to. Needless to say, Becca, girls are wored.

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