Monday, January 19, 2009

My Last Night with Bush: Reading is FUNdamental!

Time is running out... And Fosco still has a few last things to say about the Bush Administration!

Fosco has been challenged recently on his jokes about Bush's literacy. Fosco has responded, but here's another "brick in the wall." From Michiko Kakutani, acknowledged Queen of Book Critics, in an NY Times article:

[Obama's] predecessor, George W. Bush, in contrast, tended to race through books in competitions with Karl Rove (who recently boasted that he beat the president by reading 110 books to Mr. Bush’s 95 in 2006), or passionately embrace an author’s thesis as an idée fixe. Mr. Bush and many of his aides favored prescriptive books — Natan Sharansky’s “Case for Democracy,” which pressed the case for promoting democracy around the world, say, or Eliot A. Cohen’s “Supreme Command,” which argued that political strategy should drive military strategy. Mr. Obama, on the other hand, has tended to look to non-ideological histories and philosophical works that address complex problems without any easy solutions, like Reinhold Niebuhr’s writings, which emphasize the ambivalent nature of human beings and the dangers of willful innocence and infallibility.
I think this is perceptive. One thing Bush never acknowledged was "the ambivalent nature of human beings." And we've all suffered for it.

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